The Truth About Progesterone for Men

progesterone in menProgesterone is an endocrine hormone responsible for the development of the ovarian follicle. This hormone stimulates the maturity of follicles as a preparation for possible pregnancy. Moreover, it works with luteinizing hormone (a female hormone) responsible for the development of the mammary gland.

The mammary gland secretes a substance in a form of milk. The amount of progesterone in the bloodstream can influence the activities of mammary glands. As a result, it becomes prominent to women during the gestation or lactating period. However, this hormone is not uncommon to men, as well.

As a matter of fact, there are rare cases of men known to suffer from the effects of progesterone. It may sound abnormal but progesterone for men may occur.

What is Progesterone and Its Effect on the Male Body?

Progesterone in men has been underestimated by most medical cases. However, this hormone mimics the effect of testosterone. In addition, the amount of progesterone in men is most likely similar to women. In this case, men with variably high level of progesterone may manifest the following symptoms:

Alopecia is characterized by hair balding. Several medical experts in Canada found out that men with high level of progesterone can bind and dump the testosterone in the blood. The higher amount of progesterone in a man’s bloodstream, the lower amount of testosterone level exists. Eventually, this can affect the normal function of the male sex hormone which includes baldness.

Poor Libido or Sexual Drive – Testosterone is a stimulating hormone that can hasten a man’s sexual drive. In an event that this hormone goes down beyond the normal level may also affect the person’s libido. Several cases of erectile dysfunction or infertility are common to men with high progesterone level.

High potential risk for developing prostate cancer – Since the effect of progesterone in men dumps the testosterone, the testes undergo a supportive mechanism. With the help of the hypothalamus, the gland over secretes a hormone to stimulate the testes for producing testosterone. However, too much stimulation of the testes can lead to scarring of the prostate tissues. If this scenario continues to manifest then the possibility of getting prostate cancer is significant.

Aside from these three organic diseases caused by high levels of progesterone, men with this abnormality are at risk of developing breast tumors. It is characterized by a single or multiple palpable mass in the breast area, which may be described as fat lobules. However, it is painless and becomes imminent in the later period. Consultation by your physician and early diagnosis can help determine the current health condition.

This recommendation can also prevent the possibilities of complications including cancer. Furthermore, it will be advantageous to men because this can give them ideas on how to practice the preventive measures for hormonal-related problems.


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