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What is Aromatase?


Aromatase is an enzyme compound. It is also called estrogen synthase or estrogen synthetase. This enzyme is the primary component in catalyzing estrogen production. It is recognized as one of the cytochrome P450 superfamily so it is considered as a type of enzyme that contains oxygen and hydrogen atom that can affect the catalyze steroids. In simpler terms, aromatase is the key component in converting androgen steroid compounds into estrogens.

Functions of Aromatase

Aromatase are compounds found in the cells which is regularly synchronized with the promoters found in the genes and other components found in cytokines, hormones and other parts of the cells. It is the particular compound that specializes in the natural synthesis of androgens to estrogens. It is a process that converts testosterone to estradiol and androstenedione to estrone. It typically comprises a series of hydroxylations in the 19 methyl groups of androgens, then removal of methyl group as formate and finally the A-ring aromatization.

Aromatase and Body Building

It is widely known that there are some body builders and even some athletes that take supplements in the form of steroids in order to keep up with the rigorous training and at the same time, acquire desired results in a shorter span of time. These steroids promote increased production of testosterones and other male-specific hormones that promote bigger and leaner muscles, stronger bones and lasting stamina. But these steroids are typically only recommended at certain length of time; body builders and athletes who take them have to go on a process called cycles so that the steroids will always be effective. However, in some cases, stronger types of steroids may cause some effects to the body that when stopped, it triggers the body to produce estrogen through increased aromatase production. So it is recommended that body builders and athletes use aromatase inhibitors while on a cycle.

Aromatase Inhibitors

These compounds reduce the rate in which aromatase is produced in the body through hypoestrogenism. In fact, it has been a known process to help out patients with breast cancer who were identified to have positive estrogen receptors. Letrozole, originally called Femara, is one of the well known aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer.

In line with the usage of steroids for body building, aromatase inhibitors are usually recommended to avoid reversing the effects and efforts put during the time they were both taking steroids and doing extensive work outs.

There are several sources for aromatase inhibitors and these supplements must be taken in moderation. Breast cancer patients are typically prescribed one if needed and the dosage must be taken by the letter. Same goes for people who were taking steroids and wants to take aromatase inhibitors, they should consult specialists first to make sure that they do not have conditions that may cause conflicts when they take a certain brand or type of aromatase. Keep in mind that the dosage must be maintained and proper precautions must be done even before starting one. This is both for safety purposes and for the efficiency of the drug.